6 Things You Don't Need to Apologise For in a Massage Clinic

Hairy legs? We have probably massaged hairier!

1. Sorry I forgot to shave my legs.

Don’t be! We don't care if you haven’t shaved your legs in weeks or months and it really doesn't effect the work that we do. The oils and creams that we use help us to glide right over them. Our focus is deeper, feeling and working into the deeper layers of tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments and attachments to bones. We are not here to judge your body in any way and we probably don’t even notice until you point it out.

2. I’m sorry I think i fell asleep.

Don’t be! I happens all the time and we take it as a compliment! We have created a space at our clinic where you can come in and unwind from your day/week/life and take some time for yourself. If you fall asleep you probably need the rest and it just means that your mind is quiet and your body is in a state of complete relaxation. This can be great for us as it means reduced muscle guarding and we are able to sink into deeper layers more easily. It always amazes me when I have my elbows in a tender spot like the glutes and they start snoring. Such compliment!

Feeling sleepy? We will take it as a compliment!

3. Sorry I haven't washed my hair.

Don’t be and I’m glad you haven’t. It can be tricky to completely avoid getting oil around your hairline especially when we are working through face and neck. Its also really great to be able to get in to the scalp and release the fascia and muscles through here, and of course it feels soooo good. Come see us with dirty hair, tie or clip it out the way and wash it afterwards. Of course if you need us to avoid it we can do that too.

4. Sorry I’ve got daggy underwear on.

Don’t be! we really don’t care what underwear you are wearing as long as you are wearing some. Not only is it a health and safety regulations but it gives us something to tuck the towels into when we are working through your lower back, glutes and upper legs.

Washing day? We really don't mind what undies you're wearing, as long as you have some on!

5. Sorry I’m talking a lot today.

Don’t be! Once you step into one of our clinic rooms it your time to spend however you like. If you want to chat, sleep, cry this is a safe space where you can feel comfortable enough to do that. We know sometimes people have the tendency to want to fill the space with chat, sometimes they feel that not talking can be a bit awkward. While we do encourage our patients to relax and quieten their minds on the table, if you want to vent or chat, that is absolutely fine too.

6. Sorry my stomach is making noises.

Don’t be, this is completely natural and shows us that your body is moving into a state of rest. When we are busy and stressed our nervous system is running on fight and flight mode and this is not a time when our body puts energy into rest and repair. When you are relaxed on the massage table your nervous system moves into a parasympathetic state, moving it’s energy into tissue repair, digestion and slowing the heart rate. At this time and when your are relaxed it is also not uncommon to pass wind. Yes it happens! And we will take your lead on how to respond; if you want to laugh about it we can or if you prefer to pretend you were asleep and that it never happened that is fine too!

The time that you spend in our clinic room is your time. This a non judgemental space were you can be you, unwind, rest and heal. Everyone is an individual with individual needs based on how they are feeling on the day. We understand this and are here to nature and empower your well-being in anyway we can.


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