About Us

Deep Kneads Massage has been a leader in therapeutic body work for the past 12 years and continues to provide top level remedial treatments to our valued clients. Our licensed therapists are committed to giving every one of our clients a massage and treatment program tailored to their individual needs and requirements to help them progress and improve their quality of life. We treat in a holistic manner, taking into account the huge impact that stress can have on our bodies, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


our Mission


To nurture and empower wellness in every body!! We believe that most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel and we are dedicated to nurture and empower you with positive change. 

We do this by....


Providing an environment of warmth and connection. Building knowledge to inspire positive change through individualised treatments.


our Values are


🌺 Specific care to every client to raise industry standards. 


🌺 A warm space for people to feel safe, relaxed and well. 


🌺 Healing through education and collaboration. 


🌺 Outstanding results that focus on progress. 


🌺 Bringing light, fun and joy into our workplace and the lives of others.

Every session begins with a conversation between client and therapist to determine any chronic problems and areas of focus. This is followed by a customised treatment, ensuring you receive the highest level of care and proper treatment for whatever it is you are coming in for.