Therapist profiles

Helen Howe

Helen is passionate about helping people and was attracted to massage as a way of healing both physically and emotionally. She has a keen interest in chronic issues and injuries, and focuses on releasing stress and promoting relaxation through various techniques.


Her firm approach and kind nature promote client development, education and improving quality of life.

Since graduating from the Institute of Fitness in 2015 Helen has spent time traveling Canada and the United States hiking, camping and snowboarding, following her passion for adventure and adrenaline.


Toshie O'Brien 

Toshie came to Australia from Japan and and has been living in Perth and working in the massage industry for a long time now. Her passion for massage has continued to grow over this time through it’s amazing ability to help people feel mentally and physically happy and well. She loves to create a relaxing and nurturing experience for her clients while at the same time reducing pain and tension and increasing mobility. 

Her journey as a massage therapist has taken her through working as a relaxation therapist for 10 years, on to advanced training in Pregnancy massage, Hot Stones, Reflexology and Cupping. Toshie became a qualified Remedial therapist in 2019 when she graduated from Australian Institute of Fitness.


She is passionate about continuing to learn, train and grow as a body worker so she can help more people out of pain. 


Sharon Thorne 


Sharon has been a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia since she became a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2012. She has spent the past few years expanding on her skill set and knowledge in Pregnancy and Fertility Massage as well as cupping.


Massage is important to her as it offers a holistic approach to health and caring for the mind and body through stress relief, improving circulation, soothing tired and sore muscles, preventing injury, along with a whole range of other benefits. Sharon is a friendly and warm therapist with a genuine care for the wellbeing of her clients.


Yvette Crispin

Yvette is a warm and caring massage therapist who is focused on clients achieving their goals, whether it is reducing pain, increasing mobility and function or bringing down stress levels. She has been in the massage industry for the past eight years after moving to Perth from NZ in 2014.​

Yvette has a strong biomechanical knowledge and uses this as she works intuitively with clients. Her background in high performance kayaking means that she understands the importance of maintaining a well oiled machine. She also is focused on creating a space where clients can relax, wind down and release some of the stress that has such harmful effects on the body.

Yvette has a keen interest in post injury rehab as well as working with neck and jaw pain and headache sufferers. She is regularly up skilling and learning new techniques to further help her clients.